Update Your Contact Information!

In the next few months VCC will be releasing an updated Church Directory. Bob Demers will be taking pictures for anyone who would like an updated picture in the directory as well (dates for picture taking will be communicated at a later time). Click here to make sure your contact information is correct. Please contact the church office if you need to update your information. The contact information we would like is phone numbers, emails, and home addresses. Thank you!

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  1. Patricia Prelle says:

    Please add my contact info to the Church Directory. My address: [redacted]; phone number: [redacted].

    • Admin says:

      Hi Patricia,

      I would be happy to add your contact info to the church directory. However, I would strongly advise against posting your personal information in a public format as you have just so done here. What I mean by that is, when you leave a comment on one of these posts on this website, the comment is visible to anyone and everyone that comes to this website. So, you are essentially broadcasting your personal information to the entire world. Which is not a very safe thing to do.

      In this particular instance, though, you are somewhat lucky. Your comment was placed in a “hold for review” state, so it was not actually made visible to anyone and everyone visiting our website. And since I personally manage and operate the church website, I was able to catch it before I clicked “approve”, which would have made it visible. I went ahead and manually blocked out your personal information from your comment, so no one else has seen or gotten ahold of your personal information from it. However, you still need to be careful whenever you are on the Internet, because other websites that have similar places for visitors to leave comments may not have the same kinds of safeguards in place.

      For future reference, what I would suggest you do instead is send an email when you need to relay private information to another person. Emails are only viewable by the person or people you address them to, so they are much safer for that kind of thing. For instance, you can find our church office’s email address listed on at the top of any page of the church website, right across the big picture of the church sign at the top, next to our street address and phone number. You can also find our email address on the Pastors, Staff & Leadership Team page too.

      If you need more information about this, or have any other questions, please contact me directly at the church office.

      -Nathaniel Tucker, VCC office admin