Congregational Meetings

VCC has several important congregational meetings coming up over the next few months where things pertaining to VCC’s leadership, budget, and organization will be discussed. Please take note of the dates here:

December 18, 2016 – Congregational Business Meeting to inform congregation about our time line; to approve the provisional council; and to present the proposed budget for 2017.

January 22, 2017 – Congregational Business Meeting to approve the 2017 budget.

February 26, 2017 – Congregational Business Meeting to vote on the proposed Constitution and Bylaws. We also will vote on a Nominating Committee to seek members for the new Leadership Team. If we do not vote to change our form of church leadership, the Nominating Committee chosen will seek a new slate of potential Council members, based on the current Constitution/Bylaws.

Season of Advent

The following is a portion of a message from Pastor Laurie to the congregation:

Greetings to you as we enter the season of Advent and Christmas.  I hope and pray that you experience something new of God’s love, mercy and grace in these sacred weeks of waiting for and welcoming the coming of Jesus.

The first Sunday of Advent is November 27th. and we will light the candle of hope.
December 4th we will light the candle of peace.
December 11th we will light the candle of joy.
December 18th we will light the candle of love.  
Christmas morning we will light the Christ candle!

Christmas morning will be a family worship service of Scriptures and songs which tell the story of the birth of Jesus.  On January 1st we will welcome 2017 as a VCC family, as well!