Meet Our Youth Team!!

Mark Neely – Youth Director

An avid fan of sports and anything covered in BBQ sauce, Mark fully enjoys any excuse he has to be a kid again spending time hanging out with students. Whether it’s card tricks, hot dog eating contests, or skydiving, he’s up for it!  Currently a student at Azusa Pacific Seminary, Mark enjoys spending time playing sports, riding his bike, and being outside with his beautiful bride Lauren.  Mark has a passion for sports ministry and is driven to see God’s Word come alive in student’s lives through Village Covenant Church! Contact Mark at 303-562-5236



Tim Kim – Youth Director

Hello everyone. My name is Timothy, but you can call me by my Korean name “Eunhyok.” I have been born and raised in a godly, loving family in the city of Chino Hills. I have grown up playing sports all my life. I spent all my life committed to the beautiful sports of basketball and football. My mom ran 6 schools and daycares in Los Angeles, so I developed a passion and love for children and youth at a young age. God has led me all these years to many good things. God has called me into the youth ministry at VCC, which I am humbled and passionate about His goodness and faithfulness through this current season. And best of all, He has brought together Cassie and I to be in a relationship together. We are looking forward to be Mr. and Mrs. Kim serving in the Kingdom’s work together for which we have been called by God. Hope to grow in relationship with the ones that I already know, but also to meet those that I may not know. May God’s voice be made known to you more each day.

Lauren Neely

Favorite Childhood Movie: Lion King 2

Hidden Talent: Consumes Extreme Amounts of Sugar

Favorite Cereal: Oh’s

Will Jonston

Favorite Childhood Movie: Toy Story

Hidden Talent: Eastern Asian Nunchucking (Urban style only)

Favorite Cereal: Cap’n Crunch

Josh Smith

Favorite Childhood Movie: Hercules

Hidden Talent: Listening

Favorite Cereal: Special K Strawberry

Jenna Calamusa

Favorite Childhood Movie: Hook

Hidden Talent: Successful Facebook stalking

Favorite Cereal: Cinnamon Life

Bekah Hoogerwerf

Favorite Childhood Movie: Shrek

Hidden Talent: Solving triangle puzzles

Favorite Cereal: Cocoa Crispies

Peter Rowe

Favorite Childhood Movie: The Rescuers Down Under

Hidden Talent: Caber tossing

Favorite Cereal: Cap’n Crunch

Amanda Younkers

Favorite Childhood Movie: Swiss Family Robinson

Hidden Talent: Playing piano

Favorite Cereal: Reese’s Puffs

Gabe Rowe

Favorite Childhood Movie: The Rescuers Down Under

Hidden Talent: Speaking in rhyme

Favorite Cereal: Cap’n Crunch

Maddy Sallee

Favorite Childhood Movie: Sandlot

Hidden Talent: I can squish my nose flat against a wall

Favorite Cereal: Cheerios