The Cove is going to San Francisco!

This summer, from July 30 through August 4, The Cove youth group is taking a trip to San Francisco! There will be five students and two leaders going on the trip, and they will be working with the Center for Student Missions to serve at various ministry sites around the Bay Area. As part of their trip, The Cove will also have the opportunity to experience some of the culture of the Bay Area, as well. The youth leaders would like to ask everyone to please pray for a safe trip, and to pray that that the experience may be formative and enriching for the students. Donations of any amount or kind are also gladly appreciated!

Also, please look forward to a recount of the trip and all the experiences had therein the Sunday following The Cove’s return!

Summer in the Psalms reading schedule

Over the next several weeks, Village will be taking a look at the first 50 Psalms. As such, all are invited to read five Psalms each week. Sunday worship themes and sermons, as well as discussion in small groups, will focus on the Psalms assigned for each week. Below is a reading schedule to help guide this:

  • June 19-25:  Psalm 1-5
  • June 26 – July 2:  Psalm 6-10
  • July 3-9:  Psalm 11-15
  • July 10-16:  Psalm 16-20
  • July 17-23:  Psalm 21-25
  • July 24-30:  Psalm 26-30
  • July 31 – August 6:  Psalm 31-35
  • August 7-13:  Psalm 36-40
  • August 14-20:  Psalm 41-45
  • August 21-27:  Psalm 46-50

Ben Tucker’s Eagle Project: First Phase Complete

The first phase of Ben Tucker’s Eagle Project is now completed. The church’s playground area has been cleaned up and updated and is now usable again! Be sure to go check it out this Sunday!

The next phase of Ben’s project, which will include installing picnic tables and a planter of flowers in the area directly outside the Fireside Room, will commence in August. Ben is still welcoming donations and volunteers for the second phase, so please let him know if you would like to contribute.

Ben Tucker’s Eagle Project

Village’s very own Ben Tucker is revving up to fulfill his last requirements for earning the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest rank in the Boy Scouts of America. One of his final requirements is to plan, organize, and execute a community service project. For his project, Ben has chosen to redo Village’s playground and sandbox area so that it looks nicer and is usable for the Kids Camp over the summer, as well as adding plants and a picnic area directly outside the fireside room for people to use on Sunday mornings.

Ben would also like to point out that part of the process of completing his Eagle Project also includes taking donations for the project itself to get done. Ben is aiming to have the first phase of the project started on the weekend of June 16 and 17, and any donations of supplies, materials, or funds that anyone is willing to give would be greatly appreciated. If donating supplies or materials, please check with Ben beforehand to see what is still needed. If writing a check, it should be made out to Village Covenant Church and have it noted in the memo section that they are for Ben’s Eagle Project.

Tim & Cassie Celebration Lunch

Next Sunday, June 4, Village Covenant will be a holding a special lunch event to celebrate Tim and Cassie Kim and their time as part of our Village family, and to wish them well on their new endeavors going forward.

The lunch will have a theme of “A Little Bit of America”, so come dressed in patriotic attire. If you would like to help with planning or by bringing food, please contact Linda Jones and speak to her directly about this.

Diapers and Suds Donation Drive with LA Regional Food Bank

Check out the video below of Village Covenant’s very own Linda Brown making the local news (LIVE!!) on what was just one of her routine visits to LA Regional Food Bank! Suffice it to say, Village Covenant now has plenty of diapers to hand out to families that need them as part of our weekly Food Bank on Fridays from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Please come on by if you or someone you know is in need!

Alternatively, if you are able and willing to donate diapers, or any other essential items, to the LA Regional Food Bank, all donations are welcomed and greatly appreciated! Head on over to or to get started and find a drop off location nearest you.