Support The Cove with your every purchase on AmazonSmile!

What is AmazonSmile?

  • AmazonSmile is part of a charity donation program run by Amazon. As part of this program, you can purchase items online from Amazon’s expansive selection and 0.5% of the purchase price (before sales tax) is automatically donated to a charitable organization of your choice. The 0.5% donation is deducted from the list prices of each item you purchase after the fact, it is not tacked on as an extra amount in your cart, so there is no added cost to you beyond shopping for things you might normally buy anyway.

How does this support The Cove?

  • If you ever purchase anything at all from Amazon’s online store, making all of your future purchases through the AmazonSmile program is a great way to support The Cove, in addition to the other ways that you already give. There is no added cost to you or The Cove to take part in the program, and the donations happen automatically. As an example, making purchases on household and everyday items through AmazonSmile, instead of at another store, is a great way to routinely support The Cove.

What will The Cove do with the funds that are donated?

  • The Cove will put the funds they receive from AmazonSmile toward fun activities, summer camps, missions trips, and other programs and events centered around fostering middle school and high school students’ relationships with God and with the world around them. As a semi-immediate example, The Cove is currently saving up to take part in CHIC next summer. Your donations will help them make that goal a reality.

How do I get started with AmazonSmile?

  • There are just a couple steps to get set up to start supporting to The Cove through AmazonSmile:
    1. Go to and use your existing Amazon credentials to sign in. (If you don’t have an Amazon account, now is a great time to make one! Simply click the link that says “New to Amazon? Create an account”)
    2. Once you are signed in, it will ask you to select a charity. Under the section that reads “Or pick your own charitable organization:” use the search box to search for “Village Covenant Church”
    3. In the search results, find the result for Village Covenant Church in Azusa CA. Then click the yellow “Select” button next to it.
    4. And that’s it! You are now set up to start supporting The Cove with every purchase you make through AmazonSmile! If you already had an account with Amazon, all your saved addresses, payments methods, and other preferences are automatically carried over to AmazonSmile.

Tips and tricks for maximizing your support

  • In order to maximize your support for The Cove, please make sure you return to every time you’re ready to make a purchase from Amazon.
  • Purchases made through the normal site or the Amazon mobile app will not count toward supporting The Cove, even after you register with AmazonSmile. Use your mobile device’s browser instead of the Amazon app.
  • Make a bookmark that will take you directly to AmazonSmile. On mobile devices, you can even place the bookmark on your home screen alongside your apps.
  • For desktop browsers, you can install the Amazon Assistant browser plug-in and enable it for AmazonSmile so it always takes you to
  • If you need help with anything related to AmazonSmile, please call, text, or email Bekah or Nathaniel, either of whom would be happy to help.

Look for the “AmazonSmile” logo

  • Or the phrase “Supporting: Village Covenant Church Azusa CA” as seen in the image below.
  • This is how you’ll know the purchase you’re about to make will help support The Cove!
  • Here’s how it looks on a desktop:

  • And here it is on a mobile device:

Thank you for supporting The Cove!