Online Giving

Online Giving with

You can now give to Village Covenant Church online through Venmo! Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Go to and create a Venmo account

  2. Once your account is created, click the “Account” tab at the top-right of the Venmo home page

  3. Click the “Bank, Cards, & Transactions” button then click “manage” next to “Add or change your funding source” to choose your funding source*

*There is no charge for using a bank account or debit card, so we recommend using either of those

  1. Use the “Search People” search bar to search for Village Covenant

  2. Find Village Covenant in the search results and click on our name to go to our Venmo page*

*You can also use the “Add Friend” button on this page to reach this step more quickly next time

  1. Click the “Pay” tab

  2. Type in a dollar amount as well as a note such as “Regular Offering” or “Youth Fund” or “Deacon’s Fund”

  3. Click the blue “Pay” button

  4. You’re done!

Venmo App

You can also use the Venmo mobile app available for iOS and Android